Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~ (18+)

Author = Narita Harem King
Artist  = Sanom
Story Synopsis
An ordinary high school student Ozawa Hironobu met a strange girl in his dream.
That encounter created a big change to Hironobu that only thinks erotic things!?
The protagonist has a cheat-like abilities. He uses it, gathered the girl class and every beautiful women in the other world, It’s a story of a Harem that’s ero ero!

Arc 00 = Mega
Arc 01 = Mega
Arc 02 = Mega
Arc 03 = Mega
Arc 04 = Mega
Arc 05 = Mega
Arc 06 = Mega
Arc 07 = Mega
Arc Extra  = Mega

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